Have you ever heard of ‘manna’? The ‘manna’ that God poured down from heaven to bless the ancient Jews during their journey through the desert, on their way out of Egypt to the Promised Land (Exodus 16)? The Jewish people in those days were grumbling over their hunger, and God had mercy on them and let rain down ‘manna’. Out of ‘manna’ the Jews made bread that kept them alive physically and spiritually. ‘Manna’ gave life to their bodies and cheered up their spirit! But there is even a more profound ‘manna’. Such a kind of bread that ends all hunger for life. It is Christ, who promised that He Himself is the Bread of Life, capable of nourishing us and keeping us well fed in and beyond our life’s journey. Read more about Jesus, the ‘Manna’, from Ari Savuoja’s sermon given on Sunday, 15 March 2015. (BF)


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