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The Bible states about Christian believers that “our citizenship is in heaven” (Philippians 3:20). What reasons and implications does this statement suggest for the earthly lives of Jesus’ followers? Read up more from Bastian’s sermon “Dual Citizenship” (BF)


Please note that on 13 March at 20.15 it was decided to cancel the “Encouragement Days” (26 – 29 March) due to the current coronavirus situation. (BF)

New Wine (https://newwine.fi cancelled its ”Encouragement Days” in English in March by means of Rev. Richard Thomas, Stephen Broadie and Dan Allen from the UK, see below.

Organised in English (interpretation into Finnish) by Oulu Free Church (Vapaakirkko, Kirkkokatu 34) and the Cathedral Parish of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oulu (Keskustan srk-talo, central congragation hall, Isokatu 17):

Thu 26.3. at 19 Gospel Evening (Vapaakirkko) – cancelled!

Fri 27.3. at 19 Helmi Young People Evening (Vapaakirkko) – cancelled!

Sat 28.3. at 10-17 Encouragement Day (Keskustan srk-talo) – cancelled!

Encouraging and motivating teaching to strengthen faith. In addition, prayer and praise.
– How does God call me/you?
– The work of the Holy Spirit and human incompleteness – towards a more healthy spirituality
– The congregation and me – renewal and growth in and as a community of faith

Free entry. Coffee/tea 4 EUR in cash. Lunch at own cost in restaurants downtown Oulu 12-13.30.

Sun 29.3. at 10 Worship Service, Richard Thomas (St. Luke’s Chapel)

Sun 29.3. at 11 Morning Service (Vapaakirkko)

More detailed programme to be published in Rauhan Tervehdys (BF)


The Bible is a great source of stories showing us our brokenness, and how Jesus heals us and cares for our needs. Think about the woman at the well (John 4:5-26). She is drawing water every day, alone and heartbroken. She is not only looking for water to still her thirst, but also for love that could truly fulfil her needs. She meets Jesus at the well. During their conversation, Jesus reveals himself to be the true Source of love. Read up more from Ari Savuoja’s sermon “Living Water” held on Sunday, 19.1.2020 (BF)


Open on certain Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm:
16.1., 30.1., 13.2., 27.2., 5.3., 19.3., 2.4., 9.4., 16.4., 30.4. and 7.5.
Tuira church (Myllytie 5)
Entrance from parking lot side.

Come, meet others and spend time together. Tea for free!
Arranged by Tuira Parish of The Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Finland (BF)


Sunday, 1.12.2019
Worship service led by Hany Fernando
Time: 16:00
Place: St Luke’s chapel
During the message there is Sunday school for the children
After the service there is fellowship time for everyone to chat with each other over coffee/tea and snacks.

Sunday, 8.12.2019
Christmas Carols. Bring your friends and family to sing along the most popular carols in Advent, including music performances and readings to get prepared for the festive season, and enjoy a moment of peace.
Time: 16:00
Place: St Luke’s chapel
After the carols there is glögi and gingerbread for everyone.

Sunday, 15.12.2019
Worship service led by David Olsen
Time: 16:00
Place: St Luke’s chapel
During the message there is Sunday school for the children
After the service there is fellowship time for everyone to chat with each other over coffee/tea and snacks.

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Welcome to join the traditional Christmas Carols on Sunday, 8 December at 16.00 at St. Luke’s Chapel (Yliopistokatu 7, close to the main campus of the University of Oulu). Come to sing the most beautiful songs for Advent and Christmas. Church musician Taina Voutilainen and Clarinet Quartet will accompany, and there will be also other music performances. Glögi and gingerbread will be served afterwards. (BF)

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You are welcome to join this year’s Thanksgiving Potluck on Friday, 29 November at 17.30, Salvation Army, Isokatu 4, 5th floor, Oulu. A potluck dinner is a common meal prepared by people bringing dishes to enjoy together. So, please bring a dish – hot or cold, cooked or baked – from your home country and share it with others :-) The dishes can be stored from 17.30 onwards in the kitchen. We’ll start with a devotion at 18.00, and then continue having a good time together throughout the evening until approx. 20. (BF)


Summary of Hany Fernando’s sermon on 27 October 2019:
How do you answer this question if you stand in the court? Do you think that a man who has been in prison fits to raise a child. Warren Wiersbe shared his experience and answering either “Yes” or “No” struggled him. He mentioned several pastors and missionaries who were in prison before but brought big impacts on others’ lives.
Paul addressed himself as a prisoner of Christ and he declared this in his epistles, e.g., Ephesians 4:1, Philemon 1 and 9, 2 Timothy 1:18. In Romans 1:1, he called himself a slave of Christ.

What does it mean?
1) He emphasised that his imprisonment was due to his apostolic activities (Philippians 1:13)
2) He acknowledged Christ’s providence through his imprisonment (Acts 28:17-31)
3) He encouraged the readers not to be ashamed about his status (2 Timothy 1:18). He was never ashamed as Jesus’ follower (read Luke 9:26)
Living as believers in this wicked world brings many consequences such as exclusion from certain activities or groups, objects of insulting and mocking, etc. However, these kinds of consequences only last a very short time compared to being with God eternally. (HF)


According to one story a man went to a Christian teacher to ask for instructions on how he could be a better Christian. The teacher replied that he didn’t have any help for that but that he could give a remedy which would create love towards God. “That is what I really need,” replied the man. The teacher answered back, ”It is love for your neighbours, and for all people.” We cannot directly love almighty God except by thanking him. Another way to love God is to love that which God loves: sinful people. It is not a reward or approval for getting to heaven but a gesture of thanksgiving to God for saving us. Read up more on this by accessing Ari Savuoja’s sermon “Love is” from 20 October 2019. (BF)