Welcome to join the traditional Christmas Carols on Sunday, 9 December at 16.00 at St. Luke’s Chapel (Yliopistokatu 7, close to the main campus of The University of Oulu). Come to sing the most beautiful songs for Advent and Christmas. Church musician Taina Voutilainen and Quintet will accompany, and there will be possibly other music performances. Glögi and gingerbread will be served afterwards. (BF)


Have you been observing the news lately? Is the news always about something new? Or, does the news tell you something new about your life and the lives of people on this earth? Learn more about this topic and read up on Bastian Fähnrich’s devotion from Sunday, 5 August 2018. (BF)


You have probably heard of the hymn “Amazing Grace” by John Newton (1725 – 1807). He was an extraordinary man at his life time and beyond. It is worth reading up on his life story. On the one hand, we can learn from his life that it is possible to be freed from the deepest waters of sin by the grace of God, not by our own efforts. Along with Newton we can experience how a sinner can be gradually transformed into a saint through God’s grace. On the other hand, we can learn that living a life as a Christian comes along with struggles against outward and inner forces, of which the worst kind of evil power is the old Adam, our old sinful self that is still living within us throughout our life on this earth. If you wish to learn more about John Newton’s life and “grace boundless as the sea”, feel free to use the devotion by Bastian Fähnrich from 24 June 2018. (BF)


Who can follow Jesus wholeheartedly at all times as we walk our path of life here on earth? No one can follow Him wholeheartedly – at least not in our own strength! Our Lord has called us to follow him – and leave behind many things, even family and friends – and set before us His way and aims. But without Christ’s strength and guidance we come short at walking in His footsteps and meeting His aims. Our shortcomings, however, do not justify us to ignore Jesus’s calling, or to go our own ways – once again. Our only help is Christ Himself! Jesus came to this earth and entered our lives to overcome our shortcomings… Read up more about the way(s) to respond to Christ calling to follow Him and overcome our shortcomings from Ari Savuoja’s sermon on Sunday, 10 June 2018, based on Luke 9:57-62. (BF)



On Sunday, 22 April 2018, we were marvelling at God speaking to us in times of trouble. When we face situations we cannot easily come to terms with, we may turn to God’s word. He will surely bless us through a Bible verse – a word of counsel, comfort or assurance. Just as when Jesus walked over the waters and spoke to his frightened disciples with simple but powerful words, ”It is I, don’t be afraid.” (John 6:20) (BF)


Welcome to our Easter celebration service on Sunday 1st of April at 4 pm to St. Luke’s Chapel on Linnanmaa! I lead the service and give the sermon!
After the service we’ll have a special coffee fellowship on the bigger congregation hall!
Be blessed during the Easter time! (AS)


Sunday, 17.12.2017, Worship service with communion lead by Pastor Ari Savuoja; message by our missionaries Helmuth and Niina
Time: 16:00
Place: St Luke’s chapel
During the message there is Sunday school for the children
After the service there is fellowship time for everyone to chat with each other over coffee/tea and snacks.

Sunday, 24.12.2017 – no service with OIEF. Welcome to explore other churches in Oulu serving in Finnish and/or interpreting into English, e.g. Oulu Pentecostal Church (Finnish, interpretation into English), Oulu Free Church (Finnish, interpretation into English), Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Oulu (in Finnish).

Sunday 31.12.2017 – no service with OIEF. Come along to the New Year celebration instead to give God thanks for the past year and pray for the one to come.

Sunday, 31.12.2017 Potluck New Year’s Dinner and New Year Celebratuib at the home of Leena Maria and Alpo
Time: 18:00
Address: Koskitie 7B 4
Google link to address: https://goo.gl/maps/Eo36xfYGAEo
Bring along: food/drinks to share for main meal and/or dessert; a small gift (wrapped)

Sunday, 7.1.2018: Services resume at St Luke’s chapel at 16:00; Lead by Hany Ferdinando; Sunday school and coffee fellowship.


(MP, BF)


(c) Bastian Fähnrich

The season of Advent and Christmas is quite extraordinary. It makes us wonder about God and whether we believe that He wants to enter our hearts. This year the music band ”Casting Crowns”  put this in sound words and an intriguing tune. Listen in  to ”Make Room” and read up the lyrics below. (BF)


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I’ve always been moved by the shepherds who witnessed Jesus’s birth. Perhaps you have heard the story from the Bible: As the shepherds kept watch over their sheep in the fields, an angel appeared and told the good news to them. The shepherds were among the first people in this world to hear about Christ’s birth. Common people, simple minds. At first the shepherds were frightened, but then they rushed to Bethlehem to see with their own eyes what had happened, or what was about to happen. What made them leave their flock and look for Jesus? Was it curiosity? Or was it a deep urge to seek the truth? Did they acknowledge who Jesus really was – the long-awaited Messiah, the Saviour, forgiver of sins and messenger of joy and peace, as the Bible tells us? I do not know, and perhaps the shepherds didn’t know it either in the beginning, for they came to see the full picture only later in their lives, as the grown-up Christ laid down his life for them.

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Welcome to join the traditional Christmas Carols on Sunday, 10 December at 16.00 at St. Luke’s Chapel (Yliopistokatu 7, close to the main campus of The University of Oulu). Come to sing the most beautiful songs for Advent and Christmas. Church musician Taina Voutilainen and Quintet will accompany, and there will be a performance by Hany Fernando from Indonesia. Glögi and gingerbread will be served afterwards. (BF)