Potluck and Movie Night @ St Luke’s chapel on Saturday, 9 March, starting from 16:00 onwards.

We are not meeting in the chapel side…come around to the door on the other side of the chapel with the big hall and kitchen.

If you can afford it: bring along some food to share for main meal and dessert.

At about 18:00 we will watch the “docudrama” called “The Other Side of the Cross” (http://vimeo.com/45423669)- it is a documentary reaching out to Jews and giving the facts around Jesus life from a Jewish perspective. We can learn a lot from it and have discussion afterwards.

Sunday 10 March worship service at St Luke’s at 16:00 led by Bastian and Hanna.
There will be Sunday school for the children during the service, and Coffee fellowship after the service. (MP)


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