Cornerstone (Jesus)Have you ever seen how a foundation is laid? How much care must be applied to prepare it? How it is eventually completed, including blocks of stone and other material, skillfully arranged in relation to each other? And how such a foundation provides a safe structure lasting for more than a lifetime? In his sermon on 21 June 2020, Helmuth Garoeb shared his insights on laying the foundation of a building in his family. We then studied 1 Peter 2:1-12 and came to see that, as Christian believers, our lives rest on Jesus alone. If we believe in Jesus, we can rest on him as the sure foundation and cornerstone of our lives. Beyond that, Helmuth showed us that – according to the Bible – we are precious and regarded as living stones. Moreover, we are joined together and are being built into God’s spiritual house. Helmuth also challenged us to think about our personal and corporate relationship to Christ, to see where and how we are placed or fitting in God’s building. Helmuth encouraged us to be living stones, building our faith on and in Christ, helping each other and inviting others to join this building project. Learn more by reading up the sermon (BF).


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