The season of Advent is a time during which we are invited to reflect on the reason for the season: on Christ, and our relation to him. We may reason it out, and ask ourselves, who he really is, what he is all about, and how I should relate to him? We may have our doubts about Jesus, of course, just as the people had who happened to live at the same time and came to see and hear and meet him in person. We know from the Bible that not everyone who encountered Jesus face-to-face believed in him. This is hard to believe, as all things Jesus was and did happened just before people’s own eyes. But it’s true. Looking does not yet mean to really see, and hearing does not necessarily mean that we are actually listening, and meeting someone does not mean to enter a special relation with him. Today we can read about Jesus, but eventually we face the same situation as the people in ancient times: we can either remain doubtful or cast away our doubts and follow him. What do you think? Check out Terttu Laaksonen’s sermon from Sunday, 13 December, and find out about the reason to follow Jesus and what a relationship with Christ involves for a believer (BF).


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