On Sunday, 14 February 2016, at 16.00 we will be exploring Isaiah 66:13 in the weekly English worship service at St. Luke’s Chapel, Yliopistokatu 7. Isaiah 66:13a tells “The Lord says: I will be comforting you like a mother comforting her child.” This is an interesting statement and metaphor, as God is usually referred to as being like a Father, and Jesus, His Son, being like a brother to us. But there is a special meaning attached to God being like a mother – and we ourselves being like children of God. Note that the emphasis is on “like”, however, so we need to be aware of the figurative language being used in the Bible. Welcome to join the service and to figure out what is meant by God being like a mother. You may download and use the sermon and illustrated card 1 or card 2 for your edification and Bible study. (BF)


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