Summary of Hany’s sermon on Sunday, 29 November 2015 (on Ruth 2)

Living the Christian life – not comfortable but conformable (to the image of Jesus)

1) Living by faith and making steps of action in faith (Ruth going into Boas’ fields to gather the leftovers. It is uncomfortable but it conformed her to God and his purposes, and so are we conformed in our lives as believers in Christ)

2) Living by the grace of God (Ruth, as a foreigner and widow, encountering undeserved grace in Israel. For Christians, as for Ruth, we may surrender our lives to God and trust in his mercies)

3) Living in hope (Ruth has no hope at the time she returned to Israel, but God granted her hope through Boas. For Christians, hope in the Lord will give strength and encourage us in our belief. Hope is not necessarily positive or optimistic thinking but rather joyful assurance and confidence in God’s promises. We must actively encourage each other to live according to the hope we have in Jesus.)


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