Have you ever gotten an invitation to a wedding (other than to your own :-)? During summer many weddings are held in Finland. These days the invitations are sent out, and if you are lucky enough to get an invitation, you have to decide whether to accept or decline the invitation. It’s ok to say “No”, but it’s usually a “Yes”, of course. Who wants to miss out on such a lifetime event and big celebration? On Sunday, 9 June 2013, the topic for Ari Savuoja’s sermon is “Invitation”. It deals with a parable told in Luke 14:16-24: Jesus speaks at a banquet about God’s invitation to his kingdom and wedding feast in heaven – an invitation that many refuse, but that many also accept, as its worth being invited to the greatest feast that one can imagine. Feel free to download the sermon for Bible study and your edification. (BF)


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