Sometimes, in sports contests, it is said that one of the teams or one of the competitors has a home ground advantage. In Luke 4:23-30 Jesus states that prophets do not have such an advantage. A prophet may even have a reversed home ground advantage: prophets are hardly accepted on their home ground. The same happened to Jesus at various times, when He – the Messiah – addressed His own people, the Jews. Of course, there were many Jewish people at Jesus’ time who opened their hearts and believed Him to be the Messiah. But in this Bible passage, Jesus is addressing a crowd of Jews that demands miracles for proof, and as Jesus is not answering in the way they expect, they even want to cast Him down a cliff and totally clear the ground of Christ. Eventually Jesus simply and miraculously walks away… He leaves them standing like stubs, alone in their hardness and godlessness. What about us? How do we respond to Jesus? Do we let Him gain ground in our hearts? Read up more from Ari Savuoja’s sermon on Sunday, 20 August 2017. (BF)


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