7 ways in a heavenly treasures hunt, 1) Jesus, 2) Heart on things above 3) Study Bible 4) Seek kingdom of God 5) Serve others 6) Share resoruces 7) Spread gospelHave you ever taken part in a treasure hunt? You know the game? A treasure hunt! You alone or your team gets clues or written directions, based on which you hunt for a treasure, which is usually hidden somewhere? It’s fun, isn’t it? According to the Bible, we may also think about hunting for treasures, but for treasures in heaven. In fact, Jesus calls his followers to store up treasures in heaven, instead of going after earthly riches only for ourselves (Matthew 6:19-21). On Sunday, 5 July, we gathered at St. Luke’s Chapel and then went outdoors for a heavenly treasure hunt in small groups. We explored and then shared seven ways of storing up heavenly treasures. Before we set out, we started with the first and most important way – Jesus, the only way to heaven, given to us freely as a heavenly gift and treasure. We also learned that putting our earthly treasures in use for God’s kingdom is also a way of storing up treasures in heaven – the main point being that we should become rich towards God, and serve the church and our societies with our God-given resources throughout our life on earth. Feel free to check the seven ways we explored during our heavenly treasure hunt: 1) Overview 2) Handout with Bible verses for further reflection (BF).


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