You have probably heard of the hymn “Amazing Grace” by John Newton (1725 – 1807). He was an extraordinary man at his life time and beyond. It is worth reading up on his life story. On the one hand, we can learn from his life that it is possible to be freed from the deepest waters of sin by the grace of God, not by our own efforts. Along with Newton we can experience how a sinner can be gradually transformed into a saint through God’s grace. On the other hand, we can learn that living a life as a Christian comes along with struggles against outward and inner forces, of which the worst kind of evil power is the old Adam, our old sinful self that is still living within us throughout our life on this earth. If you wish to learn more about John Newton’s life and “grace boundless as the sea”, feel free to use the devotion by Bastian Fähnrich from 24 June 2018. (BF)


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