Family Christmas Service & Potluck:
Sunday, 6 December, 16.00 pm, St. Luke’s Chapel, Yliopistokatu 7, Oulu. Join in for an edifying Advent message in English and some fun activities by/for kids and grown ups. Bring along food and drinks you would like to share (either for the main meal or dessert – or a bit of both). Food can be stored in the church kitchen during the service and taken to the congregation hall side after the service.

Christmas Festivity & Market: Saturday, 12 December, 10.00-13.00, Oulu Christian School, Luokotie 4, Oulu. With lots of presentations by pupils and teachers from the school, and a festive Chistmas market and delicacies prepared by kids and parents and staff.

English Service: Sunday, 13 December, 16.00 pm, St. Luke’s Chapel, Yliopistokatu 7, Oulu. Sermon: Terttu Laaksonen. Liturgy: Ari Savuoja. Afterwards coffee/tea fellowship.

German Service: Thursday, 17 December, 18.00 pm, Tuira Church, Myllytie 5, Oulu. Sermon: Hans-Christian Beutel. Afterwards seasonal goodies & programme concerning the Advent season.

Christmas Concert: Friday, 18 December, 18.00 pm, Central Congregation Hall, Isokatu 17, Oulu. There will be Christmas songs, piano and guitar music, played by children and youth. Tickets: adults 5€/children 3€ (incl. coffee and glögi). The payment can be done by cash in the concert’s place. Please reserve the tickets in advance:

Christmas Carols in EnglishSunday, 20 December, 16.00 pm, St. Luke’s Chapel, Yliopistokatu 7, Oulu. Lead by Terttu Laaksonen. With Taina Voutilainen and Soiva satsi ensemble and gingerbread will be served afterwards.

No English Service: Sunday, 27 December

New Year Celebration & Potluck: Wednesday, 31 December, 18.00, Leena Maria & Alpo Lehtonen, Koskitie 7 B 4, Tuira, Oulu. Don’t stay alone but join in to let go the old year and celebrate the new one together with others. Potluck, so please share warm or cold food and drinks with others. If you are planning to come and/or wish to prepare a small programme, contact Leena Maria.

English Service: Sunday, 3 January, 16.00 pm, St. Luke’s Chapel, Yliopistokatu 7, Oulu. Afterwards coffee/tea fellowship.

Bible Study: Last time on 16 December. Will be on break from 23 December until 30 December, commences again on 6 January.

N.B.! Changes possible. Please check website for possible updates. (BF)


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