Who can follow Jesus wholeheartedly at all times as we walk our path of life here on earth? No one can follow Him wholeheartedly – at least not in our own strength! Our Lord has called us to follow him – and leave behind many things, even family and friends – and set before us His way and aims. But without Christ’s strength and guidance we come short at walking in His footsteps and meeting His aims. Our shortcomings, however, do not justify us to ignore Jesus’s calling, or to go our own ways – once again. Our only help is Christ Himself! Jesus came to this earth and entered our lives to overcome our shortcomings… Read up more about the way(s) to respond to Christ calling to follow Him and overcome our shortcomings from Ari Savuoja’s sermon on Sunday, 10 June 2018, based on Luke 9:57-62. (BF)



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