In the sermon on Sunday, 29 December 2013, we dealt with Psalm 73, and especially verse 28, which is the Bible verse for 2014: “It is good to be near God” (NIV), or “the nearness of God is my good” (NASB). Asaph, the writer of this Psalm, is struggling with the evilness and unfaithfulness of his time. Asaph himself almost looses his faith with God, as he is breaking under the surrounding evils and burdens in his world and own life. But when he enters “the sanctuary of God”, he regains faith and strength. Likewise, for us today we may get frustrated by the evilness around us – and in us… But as Jesus has come near us as Saviour and as we’ve drawn close to Him in seeking forgiveness, faith becomes possible and gets renewed, and we can overcome evil by claiming good, the highest good ever: Christ. It is indeed “good to be near God”. Feel free to read up and share the sermon for your own and others’ Bible study and edification. (BF)


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