(Un)belief - a picture illustrating faith and unbelief.Why did most of the Pharisees, even though they knew all about the Messiah as revealed in the Old Testament, reject Jesus? They even saw or heard of many of the miracles that Jesus performed. In John 9 we are told that Jesus healed a blind man “so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” The Pharisees heard about this and investigated in the healing. They repeatedly summoned the healed man and confronted him face-to-face. The man could only say “I was blind but now I see”. Eventually the man also voiced his faith saying to Jesus, “Lord, I believe”. The Pharisees, however, closed their eyes and ears to the reality of Jesus’ healing powers, and him being the Son of God. Read more about “Belief and unbelief” according to Ari Savuoja’s sermon from 18 October 2020. (BF)


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