Welcome to join our BBQ – weather permitting – on Saturday, 31 August. Come to meet us (a bunch of Christians from various denominations) at 15.30 in front of St. Luke’s Chapel. You only need to bring your bicycle, something to grill, suitable clothes and a good mood – we’ll cheer you up anyway… We shall cycle together to Kellonkartano (10 km), a Christian recreation centre at the seaside north of Oulu. We may also be able to offer a car ride to a few people – please sign up, so we can check whether it can be arranged. We will have a bonfire in the yard and play some outdoor games together. We should be back at the starting point at around 19.00 pm. Sign up by 30 August by email to bastian[at]oief.fi. In case of bad weather, we will cancel the event via this blog entry on Saturday by 11.00 am (BF)


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