On Sunday, 27 April 2014, Ari Savuoja preached a sermon about the time after Easter: Jesus had died a shameful death on the cross. Some disciples of Jesus claimed that he had risen again, that Christ was alive, appearing to people here and there. Peter, John and other disciples went to Galilee, back to their home area. Peter wanted to go fishing. So the disciples went out on the lake on their boat. They threw their net, and laboured throughout the night. In the early morning they were still without a catch. What a disappointment. No fish around. Again, they were left empty-handed. But then Jesus appeared to them. He called them from the shore – John heard and recognised Jesus first. Jesus commanded them to cast out their net once more. And the disciples did so, and returned to the beach with a big catch. Jesus was waiting there already, with a rich breakfast. On that morning, when the disciples were happy about meeting Christ again, and enjoyed the godly provision and catch of fish – did they remember that Jesus had once called them to follow him, and to become fishers of men? (BF)


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