Once a little girl was with her mother listening to a sermon. The preacher described how evil and cruel people can be to each other: we are talking bad, we are rude and mistreat and cheat on each other etc. All of a sudden the girl asked her mother: ‘Mom, how does this strange preacher know what is happening in our home?’ — Perhaps we tend to forget, at times, that there is God who knows everything about us, also what is happening in our homes or elswehere. Our words, our actions and our thoughts are known to him. Once all shall be revealed. Everything. We cannot hide anything from God… On Sunday, 19 January 2014, Ari Savuoja preached about Jesus encountering the woman at the well: the woman who avoided others due to her sinful way of life. But when Jesus crossed her path at the well and revealed her sin and  offered the way out, by God’s forgiveness, she was cleansed with living water, and her life changed for the good. Feel free to download the sermon and study it along with the Bible to your own edification. (BF)


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