What is your favourite Bible verse? Perhaps you have many Bible verses that your are in favour of. That’s good. The Bible is full of verses that we may favour and apply in our daily lives as Christian believers. Let me share one of my own favourite Bible verses. It is from John 8:12: “I [Jesus Christ] am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

This Bible verse related to many other Bible verses that tell us of Jesus as the Light and about the darkness of ourselves. These Bible verses make up a whole story in the Word of God. Our human story, my story, your story, our story. For example, without Christ we are living in darkness[1]. But Jesus is Light[2]. He exposes all of our darkness[3]. Even our darkest thoughts and deeds – our entire being is darkness, if we stay away and go our own ways set apart from God. But through Jesus’ radiance[4] we are able to come into His Light[5] and we may get enlightened[6]. Moreover, by following Christ and His Light we can become little lights, or shine like a light[7] and spread Jesus’ Light in this dark world.

Let me illustrate this with a story to which I recently listened on the radio, and which I may now apply to my life and retell it from my own perspective. Some time ago I visited a church in Germany. Outside the sun was shining, but inside the church it was fairly dark. I walked down the aisle and sat down on a bank to rest for a while. Soon my eyes spotted one of the windows in the thick church walls [Have a look at the picture in this blog entry. This is what I saw in the church]. The window consists of colourful glass assembled together as a mosaic showing Christ in the centre. It also shows human figures gathered around Jesus. Perhaps these human figures are Christ’s followers. Now, since the sun was shining through the window, both the figure of Jesus and those of His followers were radiating and shining. I thought, and encourage us to think: this is how I or we should be like. In the presence of Christ and through Him all our darkness is exposed. But thanks to Him we are also illuminated like colourful glass and are enabled to spread the Light of Jesus to all around us still being in darkness. Listen in to more on Sunday, 17 April, at 16.00, St. Luke’s Chapel. (BF)

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