Worship Service
Time: Every Sunday at 16.00. N.B.! Follow safety measures due to Covid-19. Once a month communion service, arranged together with university chaplain Ari Savuoja and Evangelical Lutheran Parishes in Oulu.
Exception: Devotions and fellowship time during summer. See also suspension mentioned above!
Place: St. Luke’s Chapel (Pyhän Luukkaan kappeli). St. Luke’s Chapel is located nearby the University of Oulu, Yliopistokatu 7. See also with Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/YM8yJLti9TF23yZS8
Activity: Normally get-together to a Bible session, songs, prayer & coffee fellowship and Sunday School. Note safety measures and restrictions apply amidst Covid-19!
Transportation: Buses no. 1, 2, 3 and 8, 9 run between Oulu’s city centre and St. Luke’s Chapel. The bus stop is located in front of the chapel. See the bus timetables.

English Bible Study
Time: Every Wednesday, 19.00 – 21.00 N.B.! Follow safety measures due to Covid-19.
Exception: In summer on break, June-August, on Christmas & New Year on break (weeks 52, 52 and 1). See also suspension mentioned above!
Place: Changing in people’s homes or other facilities, currently at the Salvation Army. Contact marja.peedo@eduouka.fi for more info or join fb group and mailing list.
Topic: Various topics. The Bible study is usually opened and ended in prayer.

Other Activities
We’re arranging different events throughout the year worshiping, praising and glorifying God, and sharing the Gospel. Every now and then we have Ladies’ and Men’s Nights, sometimes a bike trip or barbecue, and possibly summer camps and activites with other congregations in Oulu etc.